DAMAGE to a patient ambulance has been slammed as 'disgusting' by community leaders.

Staff at Millom's Waterloo House Surgery have been forced to remove the non emergency ambulance from service after it was targeted by vandals. last weekend.

The vehicle had been parked up outside the practice on Lapstone Road.

Deputy mayor and Millom councillor, Ruth Peter said: “I do know these incidents happen up and down the country, but there is no excuse for it.

“It’s appalling to behave in such a manner.

“The fact the town has such limited health resources make this situation more desperate.

“Millom, Haverigg and the surrounding area is cut off from most areas, and it can sometimes take two hours just to get to the M6, so our health services are already spread thin.”

The GP service is the only health centre for Millom and Haverigg, and Ms Peter spoke about the potential impact the vehicle being removed could have.

She said: “Having an ambulance off the road is not ideal because the public needs access to all emergency vehicles.

“It really is disgusting.”

Cllr Peter also raised concerns that there needs to be greater protection for health service personnel.

“Although there’s no information released at this time about the damage, I’m aware ambulances and paramedics have been attacked in the past for the drugs within the vehicle.”

It was less than two months ago the new Millom health centre was officially opened on Friday May 17.

Work began in 2017 to ensure that the building was fit to meet the needs of the community.

A representative from the North West Ambulance Service said: “The GP centre are currently reviewing CCTV footage.

“We can cannot confirm the extent of the damage, but it substantial enough that the vehicle has been removed from service for the time being.”

Staff at Waterloo House Surgery urged anyone with any information regarding the incident to contact the surgery on: 01229 402800 or to call police directly on 101.