THE latest recipient of The Mail’s Bouquet of the Week is a beloved school secretary who will be missed when she retires.

Lynn Mackay at Ramsden Infant School has greeted visitors at the school for the last 24 years and is due to retire this summer.

The school said she has been a close friend to member of staff as the children, who have always stopped by for a chat.

She has been described as the ‘face of the school’ by teachers.

Headteacher Nicky Brewerton, who has worked with Lynn for the full 24 years, said: “She will be greatly missed by everyone at the school.

“When the children go into collect the registers they always end up spending 10 minutes there because they like to chat to her.”

The head hired Lynn all those years ago, saying she was perfect for the role and had to hire because of her ‘most amazing shoes’, a joke the pair have shared at school ever since.

“She always very well dressed and we all call her the queen of the school.

“She’s the face of the front door.

“Everyone thinks she is a brilliant secretary and I have really enjoyed working with her through the years.

“She’s such a lovely woman and I know everyone will be sad to see her leave.”

Teacher Ashleigh Swarbrick said of Lynn: “She is a close friend to all members of staff within the school and always manages to brighten everyone’s day.

“The children at Ramsden Infants adore Mrs MacKay and their visits to her office when collecting the register.

“They say ‘she is a pretty girl’ who ‘is posh like the queen’, she ‘loves her shoes’, she is ‘helpful’ and she is ‘better than the headteacher at writing letters’.

“Mrs MacKay is a credit to our school and we are certainly going to miss her when she leaves.

“Thank you for everything you have done for us Lynn - you really are amazing!”

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