Swarms of kids and adults from across Barrow and Walney took part in the electrifying Don't Step the Music Carnival, held by Brisbane Park Infant School.

Around 200 children from the school on Blake Street, and neighbouring South Walney Junior School and Walney Secondary School all dressed to impress during the annual mini carnival.

Outfits on show included characters from family-favourite films such as The Lion King, The Wizard of Oz, Cat in the Hat, and The Greatest Showman.

Brisbane Park Infants teacher, Cheryl Hagen said: "Out of the 200 children, 109 of them were from our school, so it was quite the effort.

"Even our school governor got involved and donned a Cat in the Hat outfit."

Ms Hagen's pupils were joined by Walney Secondary School pupils along with teacher Emma Eason, and South Walney Junior School students along with teachers Francis Hall, Dianne Atkinson and Melissa McParland.

"The whole theme of the carnival was recycling," said Ms Hagen.

"All the outfits were designed and made by the pupils all out of recycled materials.

"We were even joined by several PCSO officer, which were able to lead the parade and guide the carnival through to Hindpool Nursery then on to Chatsworth Street, Hartington Street, and later back down to Adelaide Street."

As well as a recycling theme, the mini carnival highlighted to all the pupils the need to reuse materials.

"We are trying to push more recycling in our school."