Following on from the comments made by Dr Omar Risk at the BMA conference when he stated that charging migrants for accessing NHS services was a racist endeavour, we now have Britain’s biggest children’s hospital Great Ormond Street stating that more than £45.9million is owed to them by foreign patients. 

This is an absolute disgrace.

It is staggering, both in the fact that it was allowed to get to such an issue but also that it happened in the first place at all.

The BMA voted to scrap fees for foreign patients yet at the same time some people who have lived in this country all their life, worked and paid their taxes etc are being denied life saving drugs.

We all know the NHS is at breaking point due to years of neglect and underfunding and we also know they need every penny they can get.

This figure is shocking, these health tourists are rubbing taxpayers noses in it while elderly patients spend hours waiting for their treatment on trolleys in corridors at their local hospital.

This money could be spent on recruiting more doctors and nurses or paying our already hard working staff better wages, or better still used to purchase medication that might save someone’s life or at least extend it.

It is about time that our Government toughened up their act and put a stop to the abuse of the NHS once and for all.

Laurence Jackson, via email