Sophie Birtwistle I really struggled with feeding in public, i felt very uncomfortable. I really hope if I ever have another child that it would be different for me and that I could do it with confidence. It’s so sad how low the breastfeeding rates are. It should be seen as the norm but unfortunately it isn’t anymore.

Holly Fisher I've fed my two (well, currently still feeding my 6 month old) and I've had nothing but compliments from the lovely people of Barrow! I used to feel nervous of feeding in public after hearing horror stories of people being horrible but people just don't care. To be honest I think if anyone did ever say anything, they'd probably get an earful from not only me, but everyone else!

Justine Blackburn I was lucky enough to breast feed all 3 of my girls anywhere and everywhere, I loved feeding and the ease of not having to remember bottles etc (I'm forgetful lol) it's so easy to feed and be discreet enough to not make others feel uncomfortable when out and about with all the amazing clothes options now!

Carly Hall I breast fed all 3 of my children, my oldest is 25 and I remember I struggled breast feeding in public because it really wasn't something people seemed to do. 10 years later and my 3rd child I fed her where and when she needed it. I hope another 15 years later that all mums feel confident in feeding their babies when they need it. I also want to point out that that is what this article is about, not shaming people who don't. There are many reasons why mothers don't breastfeed. It is their right to choose. We are asking not to be shamed for breastfeeding so why shame another mother for her choice. Breast is natural and the healthiest choice but loving, nurturing and feeding in any form are best! Be the best mum you can anyway you choose to feed

Emma Repton I feed my son anywhere and everywhere. We were once on a packed train and I just whipped it out and fed him. Couldn't care less on other people's opinions