IT is every parents’ worst nightmare to watch a child being drawn into drugs and feeling powerless to do anything about it.

Whatever their children’s age, many parents will vividly remember their kids as they were when they were first born. This can be very frustrating for grown adults! They are likely to strongly argue that they should be allowed to make their own mistakes and not recognise their parents’ best interests.

But when issues as serious as drugs enter the scene, the reaction of most parents is to do anything at all to protect their offspring.

From human society to the animal kingdom, it’s what good parents are programmed to do.

So we must have every sympathy with those that Cllr Sol Wielkopolski has seen in tears. The ones at their wits end who personally want to wipe drug dealers off the face of the earth.

That is why programmes like The Well in Dalton Road are such a terrific addition to the borough.

The value of having a centre here with people who have been there, beaten drugs and lived to the tell the tale, cannot be understated. It can offer people priceless advice, support, encouragement and hope. It is a significant resource for the area which must be supported. It is possible to beat drugs with help, but it only works if the individual is prepared to change.