Let’s hear it for the unsung heroes – our nation’s support workers.

Latest figures from the Association of Directors of Adult Social Services yet again highlight the myriad of pressures facing our social care system.

It is absolutely vital that we secure the future of social care – even people with the most complex needs can lead fulfilled lives when they’ve got the right support.

Yet the more we hear negative messages and success stories continue to be swept under the rug, the less people will consider a career in social care.

Support work, like so many careers, can be stressful but also very rewarding.

When we asked support workers who had had previous careers in sectors like hospitality, retail or sales, the vast majority told us they prefer working in support – and 61% told us that a career in social care has an undeserved bad reputation.

Faced with a shortfall of over a million social care workers by 2037 we must proactively change how this career is presented to halt this impending shortfall.

There’s a huge education that must be done to ensure support work, which impacts and enriches so many lives, is understood and respected.

This needs to begin early on – in schools and throughout the education system – to ensure people value and consider this career, which can open doors and make a real difference to themselves and those they support.

Kim Corsinie, Head of Recruitment, Dimensions