Karen Bamber I've always said it's not the road it's the drivers. There's too many cars and bad drivers, it will only get worse, we need a bridge over to Morecambe, I would gladly pay a toll

Paul Williams Easiest and cheapest. 50 mph speed limit from Ulverston to start of Lindale dual carriage way. Enforced by average speed cameras. Pull it down to 40mph 500 yards each side of the roundabouts at Newby bridge and Greenodd. Again, speed cameras to enforce. You can drive that stretch like a maniac, take loads of risk and still only by 100 yards further on than the first car you overtook by the time you get to the roundabout at Newby Bridge. Too many people impatient to get there and taking risks to ultimately saving a few seconds.

Angela Richardson The bottom line is there are more cars on the road than ever and as the young get older then the cars will increase, so any help on our roads round here will be very much appreciated!

Pete Birtles Street lights along the whole road between Newby Bridge and Ulverston would save so many accidents.. it’s that dark along there that if other cars are coming you are temporarily blinded by their headlights... a lighter ambient on the road would prevent this. The bits that have lights, this isn’t a problem.

John Wadsworth Remove the speed camera and make the Brettargh to Lindale a dual carriageway with roundabout at Haverthwaite cross road. Dual carriageway from Newby Bridge to Greenodd, extend the dual carriageway from Greenodd to Ulverston. Ulverston bypass ideally But that will never happen.

Guy James Pickup Encourage drivers to respect all other road users and stop racing between Newby bridge and Ulverston

Mike Barnard A590 is spot on. Some people need to learn how to drive better down it

Claire Murphy Build a bridge to alleviate traffic from the south, oh no hang on that's been discussed for aeons and still no bridge