THOSE who target the most vulnerable in our society are nothing less than scum.

When we heard an elderly Barrow grandma's ordeal after being systematically targeted by conmen who thought she was an easy bet, we were filled with horror.

Why should a woman who has worked all of her life, brought up a family and contributed to society be treated in such a contemptful way?

The people who carry out these crimes often see it as simple fraud.

They have not physically hurt anyone so they may see their actions as minor.

But what they don't take into account is the lasting devastation of their victim once they realise they have been duped.

There is only one way to prevent confident tricksters targeting more vulnerable people.

We need to make the sentences handed out in court match the severity of the crime.

This elderly grandma now has to live with knowing she had handed over her hard-earned cash to someone with no regard for her.

All she wanted was to better her home.

But instead she was fleeced by the very people she trusted to carry out the work.

No matter what your age, we can all be taken in by conmen. Look out for each other to stop this happening here.