Alex, year six, wrote: "In the tour stood the marvellous Great Hall, which had an overwhelming amount of detail in it, as well as all the costumes the actors wore in the films; everywhere you looked you would spot something that actually exists in the real film.

" There was also the famous Hogwarts Express where you could look at the interior display and act out scenarios.

"You could also have a trail through the Forbidden Forest, and see everything come to life! In the outdoor section was Harry’s house and the Knight bus too.

"My favourite part of the tour was definitely trying butter beer, and looking at the miniature version of Hogwarts which had light changing effects to enhance the enjoyment of looking at it, which was unarguably amazing.

"Being surrounded by these magical wonders in real life was truly wondrous - highly recommended."

Ella, year six, wrote: "Last week, my class travelled to Harry Potter World while we were on a residential in London.

"I was really excited to go because I have watched all of the films and I also have the complete book collection.

"As we walked through the main entrance, there was a humongous dragon that looked extremely real.

"You could see all of the wands including Voldemort’s (my favourite character).

"In one of the rooms it showed you how they made the masks for the goblins which I thought was very fascinating.

"My least favourite part of the tour was the forest because there was giant spiders hanging down from the ceiling.

"The best part was Gringotts Bank because it is a brand new section of the tour.

"The bank looked amazing with beautiful chandeliers and marble pillars.

"The Weasly’s burrow was one of my favourite parts as well because there was a knife that chopped by itself and needles that knitted on their own too which I thought looked like real magic."

Tilly, year six, wrote: "Well, I’ve always been a Harry Potter fan because of the magic.

"As soon as I set foot in the fascinating place, I automatically felt amazed.

"We started the tour with Harry’s cupboard then moved on to the Great Hall which was definitely remarkable.

"My favourite part was the 3d dragon! I could not believe my eyes.

" It looked and sounded so realistic - it was an incredible journey through all of the different scenes."