PUPILS have taken on the task of painting and decorating a company's soapbox kart.

A team of pupils from Greengate Junior School are leading the design process for Ørsted Barrow Windfarm's soapbox entry.

The school welcomed back the head of site operations at the windfarm, Paul Corkill, and his team from Ørsted on Friday.

The team brought with them the fully designed soap box for next weekend's event in Barrow.

The pupils were designated with the task of painting and putting the logos across the kart in time for the big day.

Three winning pupils were chosen from the school to lead the design process.

The champion designers of Brett, Robert, Leah and Matthew were given an exclusive glimpse of the finished vehicle.

The school wrote on their Facebook page:

"A huge thank you to Paul and Ørsted for giving us this opportunity.

"Finally, thank you and well done to Brett, Robert, Leah and Matthew.

"The four apprentices were responsible for its construction and they have done a fantastic job."

Barrow's Soapbox contest takes place across Dalton Road next Saturday from 10am until 6pm.

Entry to watch the racing across the town is free.