Elesia, year six, wrote: "At Harry Potter studios, there were some extremely interesting sights, like a green screen where you sit down like you’re on the actual Hogwarts Train.

" You listen to a man and follow his instructions. Also, there is a broom where the instructor asks you to place your hand and say ‘Up’.

" The broom lifts up into your hands - it’s so cool.

"My favourite part was when we ventured into the eating area and there was some ‘Butter Beer’ on sale.

" I tried some and it was delicious. It tasted like cream soda with caramel whipped cream on the top.

"I also loved seeing all the real outfits of the characters."

Kayley, year six, wrote: "I have always loved the Harry Potter films, especially the magic contained within, and to actually walk into the set where it all began was like a dream come true.

"From the food to the props, it was magical.

"I even got to try butter beer.

"There was absolutely nothing underwhelming about that place!

"As from the forbidden forest, Hogwarts Express and Hogwarts Grand Hall, everything was remarkable.

"The thing I particularly enjoyed was the sculpture of Hogwarts, that was drowned with multi-coloured lights and surrounding people, not forgetting the cute trees scattered around.

"It was much like the real thing, and was actually taller than anyone in the room."

Rachel, year six, wrote: "Harry Potter World is a tourist attraction where Harry Potter fans can see where the films were made.

"I have never seen a Harry Potter film but when I went round the tour I was intrigued.

"As I waited for the tour to start, all I could see was cardboard cut-outs of the characters that are in Harry Potter and where they live.

"When I went through, there was a model of the castle and a 3D animated film of what happened to Gringots Bank.

"I thought that the castle was the best part because it was so lifelike and around it there were screens showing you that particular part of the castle and how long it took to make.

"Altogether it took 46 days just to construct it.

"I also really liked the animated film because as the dragon came closer, it felt like the dragon was actually going to breathe fire on you.

"There was also a little activity booklet to stamp once you had visited certain places.

"Then you had to find the golden snitches.

"While you went through the tour you saw everyone’s wand and you saw the dormitories and how they made the masks for the goblins.

"In the Forbidden Forest you could make it blow wind or sound like thunder and lightning."