A SINGLE mother has spoken of her anger after a brick smashed through her front room window in the early hours of Sunday morning.

As well as her anger towards the culprit, Jade Hudson, 23 - who lives at Broadway - stated the unwarranted incident has made her feel "uneasy" about living within the area.

Single parent Miss Hudson, who works at B&M Bargains, takes care of her three-year-old daughter Amber-Rose Brown, the family kitten Maddy, Milo the dog, and house cat Marley - the latter of which was in the front room as the brick impacted the window.

She said: "Luckily, my daughter was at my parent's house, but her room is directly above the front room.

"Amber suffers from epilepsy and I don't know what her triggers are yet.

"I feel if she was in, chances are she would have woken up and had an episode, which can leave long-term damage.

"It makes me angry to think why someone would do this - especially because it's obvious a child lives with me, as there are toys scattered all over the front garden.

"It really is a selfish act and it has caused me stress and anxiety.

"There was glass all over the floor and my cat Marley was actually sleeping in that room too.

"It makes me feel uneasy to live on this street now.

"My television was worth thousands, and now that's destroyed."

Police confirmed they were called around 9am yesterday to the report of criminal damage to a property on Broadway.

The incident is believed to have occurred between 12am and 9am.