Roisin Doran The trip is on every year. It would've hardly been a surprise to Year 6 parents. In addition, the school (if memory serves) offers financial support to those students who are truly struggling to afford the extra curricular trips.

Derrian M Heron The trip happens every year so its hardly three days notice really!! In my experience this is a fantastic school that would never purposely discriminate anyone, they do nothing but go above and beyond to create fantastic memories for the children.

Nikki Griffiths If the school trip to London goes ahead every year at the end of year 6 and as a parent you know this and want your child to go. Start saving early on.. From year 3 a few quid a month? Then you will have the deposit when required.

Emma Newton Nikki Griffiths your not told you need a big deposit. So no you can’t plan. Normally you are given more time this year we were not. My son couldn’t go because of that reason. With my other son we were given more time so I could pay that one.

Nikki Griffiths Big deposit or not the price will remain the same give or take a few quid so you no what to expect to pay. London isn't going to be a £10 trip. If i knew now my year 3 daughter would want to go to London in year 6 because they do the same trip every year.

Mike Comish Surely she should have seen this coming? Darren Conlin Mark Biz Birrell

Emma Newton Nikki Griffiths when my other son went the deposit wasn’t that high, it was a much better payment plan. After their year there was uncertainty over the trip for safety reasons no point saving for a trip that might not of been going ahead. If a parent cannot afford it, it’s not a drama she’s making it’s a reality. People slating someone for not having the money is awful

Tracy Silverton Emma Newton I agree that slating someone for not having access to the money is sick!