Preliminary plans have been put forward to develop a solar farm on a major company site in a bid to become more eco-friendly.

Ulverston Town Councillor Judith Pickthall has put forward a draft proposal to develop a solar farm and storage facility on an appropriate section of the Glaxo Smith Kline (GSK) site in Ulverston.

The intention of the farm is to meet climate targets, provide clean energy and support a low carbon economy.

Mrs Pickthall said: “We’re looking for ways to encourage and create use for the site at GSK.

“We need to investigate the development of a solar farm and its own sustainability.

“In the end it can provide an income for the council."

The proposal ties into Ulverston's plans to reduce its carbon footprint and become a greener town.

Mrs Pickthall said: “Our ultimate aim is to produce fossil free fuel and become an eco-friendly town.

"We should begin to think how this could be developed to benefit the town as a whole.

“We’re missing out on an opportunity if we don’t look more deeply into this.”

However, the plans have been met with some backlash.

Cllr James Airey is concerned with the implications of the proposal.

He said: “The council would be held accountable if anything were to go wrong.

"We need to look at the liabilities, how much tax-payers money will be spent alongside other matters.

"There's a lot still to examine first."

Councillors recommended that the South Lake District Council worked with GSK to research the potential of a solar farm and storage facility.