THE latest recipient of The Mail’s Bouquet of the Week is a swimming coach who has been praised for his dedication.

Manny Boyd, who coaches bright young swimming stars at Chetwynde School, was nominated for the flowers off the back of a successful competition for his charges.

His team won a gold medal in freestyle relay at the English Primary School Championships, held in Sheffield. They also brought home a bronze in the mixed relay.

The swimming coach has led a team at the competition for the last 25 years.

It led to him being nominated for the flowers by Laura Crellin, the mum of one of Manny’s swimming stars, who wanted to award him the bouquet on behalf of the children.

The coach was previously the head teacher at the school and retired from the role around three years ago.

Laura said: “All the children he coaches absolutely love him.

“He is an inspiration to them all.

“His love and dedication is very clear to see.

“He’s such a gentleman and one of the nicest people you could meet.

“When they came away with the medals, they gave him a high five and he was so happy for them to have won.

“The Chetwynde team has done so well to win things against a lot of private schools who have access to their own private pools.”

Manny spent 40 years at the school and has carried on as the swimming coach for the primary school children after retirement.

On his team were Maya Crellin, Poppy Tyson, Olivia Pennellum, Nishanth Arun, Harvey Caine and Honey Ashwell.

Manny received the flowers after his group’s swimming session at Barrow’s leisure centre.

He said: “It’s truly amazing, this and the achievement at the weekend.

“Everything has been such a team effort.”

Laura also wanted to thank another of the team’s coaches Christine Hodgson.

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