Nostalgia Saturday JUNE 22 SPREAD for pages 6 to 7 - Use 9 pic 300 word template

Text for Spread on Abbotsmead School

THOUGHTS turned to how tough life can be in communities far from Furness when a Barrow school got involved in a recycling project.

Back in 1995, pupils at Abbotsmead Junior School had been producing artwork to show how unwanted items could be put to new uses in different countries.

The Mail, on October 24, noted: "During the past week pupils have been learning about Mokattam, a community in Cairo, Egypt, who support themselves by harvesting rubbish from the streets and recycling it.

"Headteacher Barry Sanders said during the school assembly that the children would be invited to raise money for the people who depend on rubbish to exist."

He said: "We are going to encourage the children to raise funds by doing some activities, such as washing up or making a meal, and asking parents to pay the."

The article noted: "The money will be sent through the Christian Aid Agency Tear fund.

"Mr Sanders has also arrange for a Barrow Borough Council officer to attend the school's harvest festival and tell the children about recycling projects in Furness."

In February 1995 the school was visited by members of the West Midlands Children's Theatre Company.

Professional actors James Pillar, Alison Cook and Dara Jefferson were keen to involve pupils in a production of the Apprentice Sorcerer.

A cheque for £250 to Abbotsmead School was the result when Daniel Woodburn won the Mail's Design an Advertisement competition - with a promotional design for North Scale Garage.

The money was presented in October 1993 by Ron Webster of Lakeland Power.

Daniel received a book token for his entry and a basket of sweets from Coombs and Thornton, of Dalton Road, Barrow.

Cash had also come the school's way in 1993 when it shared a technology prize with Barrow's Greengate Junior School.

The Mail, on December 13, noted: "The schools were selected to share a £1,500 donation from the Toyota Science and Education Fund, awarded to the schools for the pupils' bright ideas on science and technology.

"Abbotsmead's share of the cash will go towards the new school playground building fund."

In January 1995 there was cause for celebration when the school's recently-formed mixed rugby team received its first official kit.

It was presented by the Abbotsmead Parents' Support Group after money was raised from a disco and raffles.