AS AN ex-meteorologist I am horrified at some of the things that are being written and that I’m hearing concerning ‘climate change’.

We are terrifying people, especially young children.

This scaremongering has to stop.

Climate change is a natural phenomenon, it always has been and always will be and nothing man does will make a difference - nature will always prevail.

Yes, man is polluting the air we breathe and this is nothing new, I am old enough to remember the ‘smogs’ in the 1940s and we should try to improve our air quality in our cities and on our roads etc, but this will not affect the climate.

Valerie A. Jones


BELOW average rainfall, above average rainfall; below average temperatures, above average temperatures.

These weather features have existed forever and are attributable to natural cycles but global warming obsessives see disaster in all of them.

The Spirit of Malthus is abroad and no doubt revelling in the current scenario.

So beware of green extremists. They say storms and fires are increasing; they say that walruses are jumping off cliffs for lack of sea-ice; they say polar bear numbers are decreasing; all fabrications.

Luckily common-sense is prevailing; opponents of carbon taxes are winning elections round the world - in France, Australia Germany the USA and India to name but a few.

Trevor Farrer