Mellissa Jayne Viney Give us a Nandos!

Andrew J Dowey Your wish may be granted soon...

Mellissa Jayne Viney Andrew J Dowey I really really hope so!!!

Shelley Bundy Ha so much for healthy living around the town.

Ange O'Halloran No one's forcing people to eat it

Hannah Coulson Matthew Alderson you may get your much loved burger king lol xxxxx

Simon Parker All we need now is a Starbucks and my life is complete

Vicky Wilson At least we accept a Burger King in Barrow. We're not posh like Ulverston. Lol

John Price Not against any additions to the town but someone needs to sort out the road system between The Custom House and Hollywood Park/Ironworks Road - it’s gridlock around feeding times.

Sarah Jackson John Price now Aldi has gone they should open up the two car parks (Next and the Range) and make it a through road

But they are probably different land owners so I doubt that will happen

John Price Maybe make it one way from Next to the Range, ease the exit traffic

David Dalton Do your homework Mail. The last one closed over 20 years ago not just over a decade. Technically you are still correct but over a decade sounds like it wasn't that long ago.

Brenda Jefferson Hopefully better than Manchester airport I'm still waiting for mine week later, took my money, we waited, everyone was going to miss flight so I left. Just two staff on not there fault.

Peter Tillypig Morton Getting more like America every day. More obesity outlets to tempt us with. Not for me thank you. It's any wonder the NHS can't cope.

Donna Hill Yes I agree but a little treat every now and again is ok. As long as you don’t just eat fast food and get plenty of exercise

David Dalton A set of traffic lights needs putting on the junction and take away the other two pedestrian crossings.