AMID all the uncertainty and bad news in the world, it’s vital to make a special effort every day to remember the positives of living here.

The overwhelming majority are peaceful, kind, generous, funny, law-abiding and tolerant. The communities and relationships we have here are strong and often date back years.

We laugh, live and grow together in a rare corner of the country that so many other people never know, but would love to call their own.

We look after those close to us – friends, families, neighbours and sometimes strangers. There are people out there every day going the extra mile to look after someone worse off than themselves.

Barrow has a tremendous pride, community spirit and superb volunteers, all doing their bit to make this place what it is.

If you know someone who fits this bill, who goes under the radar for their selflessness or always tries to make a positive difference – sometimes against the odds - now is your big chance.

The Mail, with its sister paper, The Westmorland Gazette, is launching the first ever South Cumbria Community Heroes Awards to shine the spotlight on people just like this. Help us celebrate those extraordinary individuals who we never make the headlines. Nominate someone you know, help give something back to them.