We asked Mail readers for their top picks for taxi services in the area.

Here are your responses...

1. Al Taxis:

A very popular choice for residents in Barrow, A1 was complimented for their reliability, punctual service and friendly divers.

One Mail reader said: "A1 without a doubt, I use them regularly.

"Even at there busy times they are reliable, especially when booking in advance and they always turn up on time."

Another reader said: "I always use A1, I won't use anyone else.

"Friendly reliable service, I've had no problems at all.

2. Acacia Taxi's:

Another popular choice for those needing to get from A to B promptly.

One Mail reader said: "Acacia for me, I use them regularly and have never been let down.

"Polite operators and the drivers are more than helpful."

3. City Lynx Taxi's:

Another top pick for Mail readers in Barrow, City Lynx has a solid reputation for being reliable and always offering a friendly service.

One Mail reader said: "City Lynx always answer the phone in good time, most of the drivers are chatty and really pleasant.

"I use them to get to work occasionally, never had me late, always on time.

"Their prices are excellent, so can't fault them."

4. Barrow Cars:

Barrow Cars has developed a loyal customer base since first starting out.

A number of readers said this was their go to choice and with a solid reputation for reliability and prompt arrival, it is easy to see why.

5. Zephyr Taxi's:

A company which is known for trying their best accommodate their customers, Zephyr has become a go to choice amongst residents and Mail readers.

One reader said: "Andy who used to work for Zephyr and now owns the business is a cracking guy.

"Does anything to squeeze you in regardless of how busy he is."

6. Cumbria Airport Service:

A top pick for readers looking to make their flights on time.

One Mail reader said: "Great service from door to door, fantastic price and even a free coffee on our travels.

"Would recommend to anyone."

7. Tabs Cars:

A popular choice for Millom residents looking to get out and about.

Tabs cars have a solid reputation for a good service.

8. St Alphonsa Taxi:

With great prices and friendly service amongst the reasons for their popularity. It is easy to see why so many Mail readers named them as their go to pick.

9. Geoff's Taxi's:

Another driver offering a quality and friendly service. A number of Mail reader's said Geoff has never let them down.

10. Andy Travel:

A service popular among Dalton residents and Mail readers alike.