Jeffrey Holt 1. No one seemed that bothered at time in fact there appeared to be a giggle 2. It’s obviously a routine they do and they didn’t adjust it - yes it was wrong and they’ve apologised. 3. If people were outraged no one left the show in that outrage 4. All the kids after went and got photos and videos and autographs with all them. They’ve apologised. Let’s not distract from the fact these guys went out of their way to perform for a special little kid who had a thoroughly brilliant day by all accounts

Darryl Bell It's an error of judgement with him showcasing his heel persona. He's apologised. The company have apologised. If The Mail had anything about them they would promote this company instead of slagging off a kid who made an error of judgement.

Pamela Bentley I have a 6 year old daughter who loves this lad.. And the rest of them. He made a mistake which apologised 4. Leave him 2 carry on entertaining..

Cheryl Bevins He maybe did go a bit far but at the end of the day the kids looked like they were having a great day and seems a shame that some parents thought it was appropriate to contact the mail to put a dampener on the little boys party . I’m sure the only conversation at school yesterday would have been about how great the party was and not that they didn’t like it.

Cheryl Bevins its shocking isn’t it no consideration of the the little boys feelings or his family if they wanted to complain fine but to make a huge drama out of it and going to the papers is beyond ridiculous.

Rachael Kent This group of young lads are all incredibly talented, they work hard to offer the town something different!

The lad in question here is 18 - still a kid himself - why on earth is this news!!

Malcolm Houghton Someone needs to get a life, as for the evening mail just shows how desperate they are to publish this