A TOWN council has supported residents’ views protesting against the installation of a sixty-foot mast on an Ulverston housing estate.

Councillors have called the plans to erect a Vodafone mast on Oakwood Drive in the Croftlands housing estate as 'a complete disregard of people who live in the area'.

Plans to install the controversial mast have been on the agenda for two years.

South Lakeland District Council planning chiefs rejected the application but failed to inform Vodafone, meaning the company was allowed to press ahead with plans.

The company decided it would seek full permission before any more work took place.

Residents were invited to express their views regarding the new proposal at a meeting of Ulverston Town Council.

Croftlands resident Pat Appleton said the dispute was 'a question of the company not listening to the Ulverston residents.'

She said: “We do not want this monstrosity stuck in the centre of the estate.

“I understand there is a problem with phone signal but that is on the periphery of the estate.

“It’s not wise to site it in the middle of an estate when there’s so many more appropriate locations.”

Councillors unanimously agreed that the proposed location of the structure was inappropriate.

Cllr Mark Wilson said: “We are fully taking on board what residents are putting forward.

“We need to question why the company isn’t looking at other sites.

“There seems to be an open disregard of people who live close by this area.”

No formal planning application to install the mast on Oakwood Drive in the Croftlands housing estate has been submitted at this time.