A BARROW woman was ‘shocked and upset’ after visiting her father-in-law’s headstone on Father’s Day, only to discover it had been vandalised.

Mother-of-three Jade Kidney, 37, found the gravestone of her father-in-law had been knocked over by vandals during a visit to Barrow’s Thorncliffe Cemetery.

Mrs Kidney’s father-in-law, Gerry Kidney, who worked at the Barrow shipyard, died aged 80 in 2010.

Mrs Kidney said: "The headstone wasn’t the only one which was vandalised.

“I hope the scum that did this never have to visit their loved ones graves and be faced with this.

“I’m shocked and upset as it’s not the first time this has happened.

“A couple of years ago, the memorial ornaments were smashed so we had to bin them and they don’t come cheap.

“My husband, Lee Kidney, just picked it up and we didn’t do anything about it.

“But as it’s the second time it’s happened, something needs to be done.

“It’s disgusting how someone can do this.

“Coming to visit on Father’s Day is sad enough as it is without coming to this.”

Barrow mayor Kevin Hamilton said: “It’s horrific to hear that this has occurred.

“If it is a vandal, I want to hear what they have to say for themselves.

“Why go about out of your way to do something like this?

“I really do feel for the victims.”

Barrow cemetery manager Chris Pollard said: “These sorts of incidents are isolated.

“The cemetery gates are locked each night, but if someone was determined enough they would be able to get in.

“There’s no CCTV, but the reason for that is because of privacy reasons.

“However, we do not condone anything vandalism on cemetery property and we urge victims of this behaviour to contact police.”