FIREFIGHTERS rescued a man from the roof of his bungalow after he got stuck doing DIY.

Carl Turnough said he “can’t praise the emergency services enough” after fire crews were called to help him down early yesterday morning.

The 66-year-old had climbed onto the roof of his house in Skiddaw Gardens, Barrow, to complete some maintenance to the roof.

He explained he began to panic when he felt himself slipping down the roof.

“It was horrendous,” he said.

“I could feel myself slowly slipping down the roof.

“I had no choice but to crawl up to the top of the roof and behind the chimney.

“Once up there, I got my wife to call 999."

“As I was sitting there I could hear the sirens of the fire engines as they got closer.”

Mr Turnough said he wanted to thank the emergency services for coming to his aid.

He said: “I can’t praise all of the emergency services enough.”

As a thank you to Barrow Fire Station for rescuing him, Mr Turnough has donated £20 to the Firefighter Benevolent Fund.

He explained he was speaking out in effort to give the emergency services the praise they deserve for helping people everyday.

He said: “I really want the fire brigade and other emergency services to get people’s support because they deserve it.

“I think they all deserve a pat on the back for all the work they do.

Fire services confirmed a man was rescued from the roof of his house in Barrow before being treated for paramedics as a precaution as he was suffering from shock after the incident.

Two fire engines from Barrow and Ulverston were called at 8.37am. Police and paramedics were also in attendance.

Mr Turnough was rescued using a triple extension ladder and a roof ladder.