Jeffrey Holt 1. If you are on benefits in a council owned property housing benefit is paid directly to the rent account not to the claimant.2. If rent arrears are accruing it’s because they aren’t paying the service charges that housing benefit doesn’t cover but the main rent will be paid automatically. 3. If someone isn’t on full benefits or doesn’t qualifying and is in rent arrears then they aren’t paying their rent from their wages - should we bash them? 4. It’s not immigrants fault

Paul Patrick Simple mathematics, if a benefits claimant is getting there rent paid directly to them and not the landlords they are gonna spend it every time it doesn't take a genius to work out wots going on.

Catherine Hill Paul Patrick not all benefits claimants are like that, don't tar everyone with the same brush.

Kay Jacques Paul Patrick absolutely not true at all.

Paul Patrick Did I once say all benefit claimants no? I have been there and spent my rent when times were hard, so dry yer eyes ladies

Darren Clarke The article is about properties been empty. Not benefits

Paul Patrick Darren Clarke yes I no this Daz but because of unpaid rent and cut backs by the government the council are unable to keep up the costs on maintenance

Paul Patrick U can't go renting houses out if they're not fit for purpose

Joanne Tyson Paul Patrick I agree. If the rent was being paid directly to the council like it used to be there is more incentive for people to give proper notice and turn the voids around quicker. The council do run Incentive Schemes to try and encourage people to manage their tenancies well and hand back the properties in good order.

Paul Patrick Thanks Joanne Tyson,the way I see it we are going to see more and more empty council houses,more home less and the council's being a thing of the past

Jeffrey Holt One massive flaw with that guys