Phil Banner So it was only hours before the opening that he realised he had no chairs... But he had his frozen jeager sculptures in place? Priorities.

Donna Hill Well the post has been taken down now from the Custom House page after lots of businesses on there saying the new owner owes them money? Apparently he owes thousands out! Pay ya bills!!!!

Annabel Miles They should have never got rid of the blue room. It made a fortune at Christmas doing xmas parties and various parties throughout the year. Prob the worst decision they made. Didn't know it had been sold to someone else

Kate Gallagher Annabel Miles have you been recently? It's gone really down hill since the new owner took over- menu much smaller, service slow, food variable. Used to be our go to for meals out but not anymore :(

Annabel Miles Kate Gallagher not since about feb

Annabel Miles It was the place to be 10 years ago when I worked there. Always heaving

Kate Gallagher Annabel Miles I know, same when I worked there just before that. Used to be rushed even at breakfast times at weekend, was a great place and the cellar bar was fab xx

Janice Benson Kate Gallagher We went in for lunch last week and left very quickly once we’d seen the awful new menu. So sad as we’ve been regulars there for years and I really feel for the staff. Still, we had a lovely lunch at the Red Pepper.

Amy Hartle 42 new members of staff? Didn't realise the Custom House was that big to be honest. Also, surprisingly, he failed to mention the number of people he's made redundant.

Michael Bown Amanda Newby could of used a better picture of me hahaha

Christopher Oliver Andrew Shipley Adelle Shipley do you want a pickle with ya beef lol