A TALENTED watersports instructor has been using his free-diving skills to help guests and visitors retrieve their lost possessions.

Smartphones, credit cards, wallets and a wedding ring are among the unusual items which 20-year-old Angus Hosking from the Watersports Centre at Low Wood Bay near Windermere has located on the bottom of the lake and returned to their rightful owners.

Angus, who teaches wake-boarding, water-skiing, knee-boarding and wake-surfing at the centre, took up free-diving last year. Instead of using scuba gear, this form of underwater diving relies on the swimmer’s lung capacity to hold their breath for as long as possible.

With fins, dive mask, a torch and safety knife, Angus, from Coniston, can stay beneath the water for over three minutes and regularly undertakes dives of up to 90 seconds to depths of 10-15 metres.

Angus said: “I’ve always been a strong swimmer and love being in the water. What started as a bit of fun has turned into something of a hobby to see what will turn up on the lake bed.

“Sunglasses are a regular find, so too old phones, car keys and wallets which have been dropped from the jetty or from one of the pleasure boats. We focus our searches around the jetties of Low Wood Bay and Waterhead where most of the interesting items have turned up.

“One of our more historic finds was a drinks can dating back to the 1940s. We also helped a conference guest find his credit card earlier this summer and one of our best retrievals was the wedding ring of one of the marina club members here.

“It’s great fun to try and trace people to return valuable items such as wallets, keys and phones."