ONE happy bride is actually looking forward to sharing the spotlight when she walks down the aisle on her wedding day.

She will be sharing the big moment with Cooper - "my son" as she describes him.

In fact Cooper is husband and wife-to-be Hannah Wilson and Chris Pedley's Bernese mountain dog.

When they get married later this year Cooper will not just be attending the wedding, he will be responsible for escorting Hannah's maid of honour down the aisle.

The Millom couple adopted Cooper when he was eight weeks old, he will be be four in August.

Hannah says the breed originate from Switzerland where they are used by farmers.

However, Cooper will be completely at home in Cumbria because they are best in cold climates. Anyone having one of these dogs for a pet has to pay careful attention to them in the summer.

Both Hannah and Chris wanted a dog but it was Chris who especially wanted a Bernese mountain dog - now Cooper is part of the family.

Hannah added he is the perfect family pet who is so placid and friendly and likes to lean on you looking for attention.

Bruno, one, and Bonzo, three, are two bouncy miniature Jack Russells.

These brothers live in Barrow with Abbi Mclaughan who calls them "her boys".

Abbi adopted them from a friend who has both Bruno and Bonzo's parents. They have turned out two friendly boys who are very playful but also well behaved.

They love nothing more than a run on the beach.

A first for pets of the week is Medusa, a pastel lesser royal python, who lives in Barrow with Chevonne Shaw.

Medusa will be one in August and originally comes from Liverpool.

She is Chevonne's first snake and is expected to grow to between six and seven feet long.

Medusa loves her heat lamp and Chevonne says she may be the first snake she has owned but it was a good choice.