THE latest recipient of The Mail's Bouquet is a headteacher who is "loved" by children at her school.

Bernadette Barnes, of Sacred Heart Catholic Primary School, was nominated for the flowers after being described as a "kind" and "wonderful" teacher.

She was nominated by Year Five pupil Kai Cark.

The 10-year-old said he wanted to show his appreciation to the teacher, who also helps him in his role as an alter server at Sacred Heart church.

He said: "I want to nominate Mrs Barnes because she cares about every child in school.

"She is a loving teacher and a wonderful, kind person.

"Mrs Barnes has done so much, not just in being a headteacher.

"She also goes to church every week and helps us alter servers when Father Manny takes us on little trips.

"Mrs Barnes comes out on a weekend and leaves her family to help others out.

"She never leaves anyone out. She goes out of her way, not just for children but for mums and dads.

"Even when school is over she never seems to stop and I think she is so deserving of the bouquet.

"We all love her and Mrs Barnes has always told us to 'love one another as I have loved you' - the school moto.

"We really appreciate her. We don't always show it to her and some of us can be little monkeys, but we know she loves us like we love her."

Kai's mum Tracy Clark, who has four children in total at the school, said Mrs Barnes always went "above and beyond" for pupils.

She said: "She is a wonderful woman.

"She is always there you not just as a teacher but as a friend. She has just got a heart of gold.

"She is gentle but funny and bubbly as well.

"All my children absolutely adore her. All the kids love her and the parents do too."

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