A handy guide to all the soap action week beginning Saturday, June 22

A Father's Concern

EastEnders (BBC1)

Ian's back in the square, and there's an awkward moment when he comes face to face with Bobby.

A drink in The Vic might help, though the locals are far from happy about Bobby's presence. At least he gets support from an unlikely source before rushing home and demanding to be left alone.

Later Beale Snr is dealt a blow when he discovers Masood has gone and Max is his new business partner. Things go from from bad to worse when he finds Bobby with a bruised face.

Mel has her hands full with Hunter's sentencing and a call to say Amy is sick. However, she gets an opportunity to covertly go through Jack's bank statements. He returns home; she covers by going for a drink, and their shared kiss leaves Rainie fuming.

Meanwhile, Jay is uncomfortable when Ruby offers to take him for dinner; Jack and Fraser come to blows, and Ben confronts Lola about her plans to leave Walford.

Altered States

Coronation Street (ITV)

Remember when Don Brennan was transformed from likeable cab driver to psychopath? The same seems to be happening to mild mannered Geoff, whose relationship with Yasmeen is taking a strange turn.

The poor woman is mugged this week, and Geoff almost smothers her with kindness as she gets over the ordeal. Could there be more to the case than meets the eye? Possibly.

Robert reveals his plan to throw a surprise wedding, and Adam quizzes Sarah about how she really got the bruise on her arm, suspecting Gary was to blame.

Maria is down in the dumps; strangely a spa treatment with Gail doesn't do much to help matters. And just who is the teenage girl looking for Rick? Well, that's anyone's guess, but at least things are looking up for Steve and Tim, whose business adventure involving a horse, or rather a 'unicorn', absorbs most of their energy.

Kammy's Cameo

Emmerdale (ITV)

It's been a while since there was a good siege at Emmerdale, but if you've been missing an armed stand-off in the Dales, then there's plenty of nail-biting drama this week.

Max's plan to rob a van with Billy and Woody goes wrong. The police are tipped off by Billy, and with a vengeful Max at Tall Trees, April, Jessie and Marlon are stunned when they return home early from the village football match and see him flashing a gun. When Billy eventually shows up and the gun goes off, someone is left fighting for their life.

Elsewhere, Dawn accuses Harriet of sleeping with Will, and at the factory, Rishi interrupts Jai and Laurel as they're about to kiss. The villagers' competitiveness is put to the test by a big village football match, especially when Doug and Jimmy hear that Chris Kamara is the opposition manager.

School's Out

Hollyoaks (Channel 4)

While hackles are raised over the fact Laurie is temporary head at Hollyoaks High, Brody tries to find people who have been abused by the teacher in the past; together with Sienna, they meet with two women who are potential victims.

Diane visits her son, Finn O'Connor, in prison, hoping to get inside the mind of a rapist. On a lighter note, Ollie asks Imran to practice dancing with him, so he can impress Brooke at the prom, and at the bash itself, Marnie surprises Juliet with a beautiful new dress.

While Sami prepares to perform with Liberty at the do, he gets a text from Brody, who is concerned that Sinead and Sienna may be plotting to do something stupid.

Eventually it's Diane who crashes the prom and confronts Laurie in front of all the students, leaving the locals gobsmacked. When that dance event goes pear-shaped, the school kids set up their own makeshift prom at The Hutch.

Robinson's Reject

Neighbours (Channel 5)

Terese is not the sort of woman to take rejection well, as Roxy finds out when Paul turns down Ms Willis Snr's proposal, and she suffers collateral damage. However, it remains to be seen whether Paul has given up on Terese for good.

At Ebony's office, Chloe sneaks in and finds evidence that she is scamming Pierce, and wonders why she is making transfers into a mysterious bank account. Later, Ebony's explanation leaves Chloe with a tricky decision.

Kyle is the worse for wear when a scaffolding pole, which Gary was supposed to have checked, gives way. The injured party is obviously furious with Gary, and decides to leave once the tram project is complete.

Elsewhere, Gary is disturbed when he sees Kyle and Amy exchanging lustful glances, and Toadie accompanies Andrea to another hypnosis session. This time matters take a disturbing turn when she goes into a genuine trance.

Rallying Around

Home and Away (Channel 5)

Who's that hiding in the boot of a car during a trip to the outback? Why it's Bella, who belligerently tells Dean he should be with Willow rather than Ziggy.

Following a successful first day of rallying, Dean decides to make a bold move on Ziggy, while Bella threatens to report Colby for killing Ross.

Robbo's informal counselling session with Jasmine's therapist Aiden leads to an intriguing development.

There's good news for Raffy, who gets a lovely surprise at her 16th birthday party thanks to Ryder. However, there's no shortage of dramatic fireworks when the newcomer sets eyes on Brody and Simone. With Brody having second thoughts about leaving the Bay, Simone takes the decision on his behalf.

And while Mason is unrepentant when his article in support of medicinal cannabis is published in Coastal News, Jett proves he is ready to tackle life on his own.