BARROW MP John Woodcock said he was "shocked" after one Syrian family stayed at home rather than coming for a meal with him because they were too scared to leave the house.

Mr Woodcock hosted a number of Barrow's Syrian families, who have been resettled in the town, at his Walney home on Saturday.

But one of the families failed to turn with the MP being told they were "too frightened" to leave their front door.

In a video posted on his Twitter account, Mr Woodcock said: "It was a really nice afternoon, they're really lovely people. But one family didn't turn up and when I asked why I was told they weren't going to come because they were too frightened to leave the house."

He said it was only when he drove to their home that they felt safe enough to come out.

"I just think this is absolutely appalling," Mr Woodcock added.

The Mail reported previously that a family in Ormsgill had been trying to find a new place to live after facing abuse in the area.