1. Meng House, Barrow:

The top choice for curry in Barrow is the Meng House in Howe Street.

This popular Chinese takeaway offers a range of delicious dishes including some great curries.

2. Mithali takeaway, Barrow:

This popular Indian takeaway based in Cavendish Street has a great reputation for vibrant and delicious curries.

3.China Tang, Barrow:

Based in the centre of Barrow on Dalton Road.

China Tang is another reliable place to go for a great curry and a favourite among residents as well as Mail readers.

4.Water Lily Takeaway, Barrow:

The Water Lily offers a range of great dishes including various curries both spicy and on the milder side.

Well placed in Cavendish Street, it is a great spot for people to grab their favourite curries and has become a popular spot in Barrow.

5. Wai Ming Chinese Take Away, Barrow:

Another popular Barrow takeaway which offers a host of lovely dishes.

The Church Street takeaway is a well-liked takeaway and their curries are definitely worth a try.

6. Taste of India, Askam:

The Taste of India restaurant and takeaway is the go-to spot for Askam residents looking for authentic Indian curries.

Offering great food along with attentive service and a friendly atmosphere, it is easy to see why the restaurant is so popular among Mail readers.

7. Shengs Takeaway, Barrow:

This Ainslie Street takeaway is another popular spot amongst Barrow resident and Mail readers to go for their favourite curry.

With a great choice of food and friendly service, it is easy to see why.

8. The Green Jade, Barrow:

A well-liked takeaway among Barrow Island residents. Their great curries have secured them a spot on this week's readers choice top 10.

9. Mr Sun’s Chinese Takeaway, Barrow:

Another well liked and well frequented takeaway offering great curry at an affordable price.

10. Home:

Sometimes home cooking just can’t be beaten.

Everyone has certain ways they like their curry done and some people would just prefer to cook it themselves and make sure they have it just right.