Anne Lowther Some people find just being able to sit with their thoughts in a quiet place. People of faith and no faith usually pray in difficult times.

Sam Mckinlay When I was rather poorly in hospital five years ago there was several people who wanted to use the chapel but there was no vicar available. One of the patients was a canon and also on the board of governors of Morecambe Bay health he held a small service on the ward. There a lot of people who may be close to the end of their life and want to use this facility so well done.

Mark Edwards I used to do DIY jobs for “George” who did a lot of work here probably 20 years ago. A right chatterbox but very charitable. Anyone remember him?!

Louise Dodd Who paid for it?

Emma Banks Louise Dodd the faith based groups came together I think

Sue Calvert Let's hope so, but at the end of the day we all die and go somewhere. I'm going back home matter who believes or doesn't ....Crummock Water .

Sam Mckinlay Louise Dodd does it matter...if it gives people who need to pray in that environment peace when they may be close to losing a loved one or their own life .it doesn't matter

Louise Dodd Sam Mckinlay yes I think it does if it meant buying a piece of equipment that could potentially save many lives

Dan Braithwaite What a waste of money

Sam Mckinlay Dan Braithwaite to you it may be, but some people who are losing someone or close to losing their own life may need this little room.

Lynn Andrew Currie Sam Mckinlay agree with you here, some people just want some space

Sam Mckinlay I was in a ward where we were all pretty poorly and had vicar on the ward brought great comfort to us all...none of us were deeply religious but at that time we felt we needed to pray...we were frightened.the chapel is a necessity for some people.