TAXIS are part of life in Barrow and all of us will have relied on a ‘fast black’ over the years.

Whether it’s a lift into town for a night out, an unexpected trip to visit someone in hospital, or a help home with heavy shopping.

There’s no doubt they provide a great public service year in, year out. On the face of it, Barrow’s answer to Uber sounds like an exciting and enterprising idea.

The name is a winner and will be easy for people to remember, which is half the battle in the marketplace.

The younger generation – increasingly reliant on their smartphones for all services – would welcome the convenience of tapping a button to grab a cab.

On the other hand, the older generation, more accustomed to speaking to people, may prefer the traditional method of giving their favoured local firm a ring.

There is clearly an appetite from some taxi drivers for this service, as it could mean they are not tied to driving for a local firm.

But with any new idea employing technology, it will be important not to squeeze out loyal and long-standing local taxi companies who often have good relationships with their customers dating back years. It is a good to see that the brains behind this idea are willing to consult with local drivers before introducing such a scheme.