Ian Bland Yeah really poor set up here, I'm best part of £1,000 out of pocket because they were not open and honest. And now they don't reply to emails when I've asked to be compensated. To be clear they have given us the deposit back but its due to changing everything its cost us much more. Thank god for Abbey House!

Paul Swift Ian Bland Abbey House is brilliant, the food and staff are fantastic, hope you enjoy yourselves!

Ian Bland Oh and to top it off they now wont reply to any emails!!!

Laura Williams Ian Bland they never do!!!!

Alyn Cousins Ulverston Golf Club is worth looking at for a venue for any weddings or parties. Great views lovely setting and can cater for up to 100 people. Booking cost is very competitive too!

Daniel Graham Didn’t Lucidity Group want to buy Chequers at one point over the past few years - nothing stopping them now if they can stop a nice venue from closing?

Chrissie Fallon The Lucidity group can’t seem to run the places they have properly let alone take on more!

Derek Smith More houses..look around the towns in the area to see how many are empty and some in a terrible state.

Leisa Denmark Those poor couples let’s hope they have wedding insurance x

Joseph Corrance Surely they're not allowed to knock it down??

Paul Swift Joseph Corrance Is it a listed building?

Justine Slone Joseph Corrance I really hope not it’s a lovely building and part of Dalton's history

Joseph Corrance Just going by the age I assume it will be protected in some way, .. hopefully somebody else takes it on though.

Allen Rodgers It isn't a listed building but permission would have to be obtained to demolish it.

Justine Slone So they knocking the building down ? To build houses

James Monty It’s a rip off in there