A LEADING detective has said a spate of stabbings in Barrow are not indicative of a rise in street knife crime.

Detective Superintendent Dean Holden said the recent high profile knife crimes in Barrow were examples of bespoke incidents rather than an increase in the number of people regularly carrying knives.

This comes after a fourth person was stabbed in Barrow in just five months.

This weekend a 37-year-old man was hospitalised after being stabbed in Storey Square, Barrow.

In April, a 16 year old boy was left in a ‘critical’ condition after he was stabbed in Broad Close, Ormsgill.

A 22-year-old man was arrested on suspicion of attempted murder.

In March a man in his 30s checked himself in to Furness General with stab wounds after being stabbed in the thigh.

The police investigation saw a cordon in place in Greengate Street, Barrow.

On Valentines Day a man was arrested after a woman was allegedly assaulted with what the police described as a “bladed weapon.”

Detective Superintendent Holden said he does not believe these incidents indicate an emergence of street knife crime in the area.

Detective Chief Inspector David Stalker, said there was a variety reasons behind these incidents and often the participants are known to each other. He said: “Some incidents are spontaneous which flare up when an individual chooses to arm themselves. I don’t think there is a threat to the public due to an increased culture of knife carrying in the area.”