STACKS of books were available to buy at a fair - to the delight of pupils.

For 45 minutes after school every day, children from Dalton St Mary's C of E Primary School were able to look through a collection of books for this year's Scholastic Book Fair.

As part of a national pilot scheme by the book publisher, every book was available to buy for less than £5.

A percentage of the book sales are due to be given to the Dalton school to go towards buying new titles for the school library.

The money will be used to buy more books for St Mary's.

Deputy headteacher Hannah Croskery said: "Normally the books can go up to around £12 but this time they were cheaper to encourage families to buy books and get involved.

"We do a book fair every year but this year it was a special pilot.

"A percentage of the sales comes to us so we can select what books we want to buy in school.

Mrs Croskery added: "It was really, really successful and really well-supported.

"We sold lots of books.

"It is win-win situation knowing that families are able to buy these books.

"And that we will be getting some of the money to books in school."

The fair lasted from May 16 to June 5.