IT is now completely clear that the Brexit vote has brought the region, the nation and parliament, to a standstill.

Today marks more than 1,000 days since the Brexit vote on June 23, 2016. In fact, the third anniversary is a week on Sunday. Yet can anyone, seriously, see light at the end of this tunnel?

As our politicians prevaricate over our departure and new political leaders jockey for position, it is important to point out that the public has well and truly had enough. This Mexican stand-off has gone on far too long. Vital issues such as our economy, education, the environment, health, housing, social care, transport and crime, have all been too long on the backburner. Instead of facing the dawn of a new decade with optimism, confidence and unity, we are mired in uncertainty, political conflict and public division.

Until this impasse is resolved, once and for all, Britain cannot move forward. It faces a massive repair job in restoring our standing on the European and world stage. As we detailed in yesterday’s paper and again today, the next Prime Minister, whoever that may be, must commit to a new and genuine relationship with the north. The Northern Powerhouse has passed us by and for too long, London and the south has dominated Westminster thinking. It is high time to power up the north and demonstrate that the success of Britain is not just about the success of London.