Lesley Ackred Just so sad to think how people were treated and still are for what? Not conforming to the norm! ( who dictates the norm) ? Just so sad people just want to be happy, not have to fit it someone's idealist view.…See more

Kathy Bartlett Good on him. Widdecombe’s views on many things belong in the dark ages.

Philip Tidy Doesn't help when a Labour MP endorses homophobic hate protests in Birmingham because he either is as bad as Ann Widdecombe, or even worse, he's banking on the religious vote being bigger than the LGBT vote. Unfortunately the laudable desire to stop discrimination now means each group regards itself as being discriminated against if they are not allowed to discriminate against others. The politics of minority appeasement being carried to its logical conclusion.

Christopher Laird Came here to see all the negative comments, was pleasantly surprised by how supportive you are. Good on you good people!

Pete Burton Well done Jeremy. Must have been a difficult life keeping it quiet for so long. We never knew and it would have made no difference to us if you had said. I have always been a friend and always will be mate.

Julie Clarke Ann Widdecombe is entitled to her views she’s never kept her it secret being deeply religious. They may not be mine but each to their own.

Kathy Bartlett And imagine being brave enough to confide in a teacher, and for that to be the outcome. Glad he is now well and happy.

Simon Kirkwood In the old middle eastern religions, and lots of other less repressive cultures round the world, sexuality is something you do, not something you are. To me that's the crux of this struggle right there... Neither is absolutely "right", just different perspectives on an essential part of life that's very hard to pin down!

Dawn Mckellar OH that Ann Widdecombe is mad as a box of frogs :/