Julie Clarke Wishing you every success in your new venture. Great news to read that you will be a dog friendly eatery.

Emma Dixon Wish this new venture all the best. We should be supporting new ventures. Well done on allowing dogs, cornered the market with that. Good luck

Neil Campbell Good effort and all the best

Jeannie Richardson Decided to give the new place a try, and it was fantastic! We had had the soup and a sandwich which included a hot or cold drink for £7.50 food was tasty & fresh, the staff were lovely, and the bar dog was absolutely adorable and sat quietly in the corner. So folks before all the bad mouthing about the place, pop in and try it. I think you’ll like it!

Sean Miles Lovely to see more dog friendly pubs in the town centre. The place looks a lot nicer inside aswell, and the staff are all very friendly and welcoming. I Hope it goes well.

Danyelle Love it that it’s dog friendly. How nice to go for sunday lunch somewhere with all the family including the dog. Wish more places were like that round here. Ignore negative comments. The landlady is lovely and i wish you all the best

Les Hall Best of luck to this new business. Had a pleasant beer in there last night.

Louise Thomas Was Wood Love a new dog friendly place, hope they can shake off the old reputation and make a success of it.

Sarah Lodge Just because it’s dog friendly doesn’t mean dogs will be stood on the tables licking the plates! There might be one or two well behaved dogs, most dog owners are responsible enough not to take their dog if they know they can’t behave, it’s great to try something different. Good luck

Ryan Holland Great idea I know a lot of places in the lakes allow dogs but not many in barrow.

Michelle Corrance It’s now clean and looks good...went in for a pint last week just to check it out. Spoke with manager who was nice...Good luck on this new adventure