Amy Diane Richardson I miss the Jade. Wish they bring that back

Alan Frederick Taylor no way the "jade fountain" should stay the way it is and not make a return ever lol.

David Backhouse The Jade was brilliant

Julie Clarke We need a totally different kind of restaurant. We now have Chinese Indian Mediterranean and Turkish. A multi cultural buffet might be interest as long as it was different to the above. Middle Eastern food is yummy hopefully it would be included. Of course if this is true. I won’t hold my breath.

Anna Moore But barrow needs a primark!

Katiiee Louisee Barrow does not need anymore restaurants, take aways, hairdressers, nail bars. Why not some new clothes shops or something........

Phil Banner Katiiee Louisee Because nobody uses the ones we had and shop online

Simon Tobermory Kingston The real story is “Mail journalist notices ‘Let By’ sign, and manages to make it into an article” !

Mystery charity benefactor revealed

Linda Danson What a wonderful lady

Dave Shepherd They should put a plaque at one of the charities that benefit from this gracious donation. God bless.

June Eccles What a Gracious Donation, "Rest in Peace, you followed your heart " God Bless You.

Sarah Gardner This is fantastic!

Carol Davies Well done Margaret:

Julie Berry This is such a wonderful legacy. This lady must have really thought about who she wanted to help before her time came. This charity does wonderful work in the community and we all should be backing it whenever we can. Well done Barrow and District Disability Association lots of people rely on your services and friendship.