FEW would disagree that something needs to be done to make it easier to get to Barrow.

Despite the town’s manufacturing successes, the 34-mile distance between the town and the M6 remains a major obstacle to businesses setting up shop or people setting up a home.

In a time of decline on the high street and soaring internet shopping, the job of luring companies here has becomes that much harder.

Especially when staff are able to Skype or work remotely. Big business always seeks to avoid hefty transport and fuel costs, and needs a large pool of skilled staff on the doorstep.

Barrow has the advantage of offering a better quality of life, plentiful and low cost floorspace, and plans for new homes. But the jury remains out on whether the ultimate answer is a bridge across the bay.

While we should welcome those prepared to take on the challenge, the funding hurdle appears insurmountable.

Not even the promise of tidal power is likely to be sufficient to stop the flood of environmental objections such a proposition would attract.

Calls to tackle climate change are only ever going to grow louder. Perhaps a Bay Bridge might just be the kind of marquee environmental project a future Government could seriously consider.