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Text for spread on Abbotsmead choir

YOUNGSTERS from a Barrow school proved themselves capable of hitting all the right notes to become national champions back in 1995 - and secure themselves a return trip to London.

The Mail, on July 7, noted: "Abbotsmead Junior School choir came first in the National Music for Youth competition held in London.

"The choir had to set off from Barrow at 6.30am for its performance at the Royal Festival Hall on the South Bank at 5.20pm.

"The young songsters were competing against 20 other schools from throughout the country that had been picked through regional finals for the junior under-14s section.

"Abbotsmead was the only Cumbrian school chosen to take part,

"The children performed a music and movement piece first, based on the threat to rain forests.

"Some of the choir danced while others used instruments to make a musical picture.

"Eleven-year-old Carly Mallinson narrated during the dance.

"The choir then followed up with a song called Do We Listen? about the environment.

"Judith Poole, who runs the choir, stayed behind to get the results and it was only when they got to Preston at 10.30pm that the children found out they had won."

Headteacher Barry Sanders said: "When it was announced the children were delighted.

"There was great amazement from other passengers on the platform."

Part of the reward for winning was an invitation to London's Royal Albert Hall to take part on the 21 st Schools Prom in November.

The Mail, on September 29, noted: "The Schools Prom is a showcase for more than 1,000 performers aged six to 13 from England and Wales and features everything from youth orchestras and folk groups to handbell ringers and blues bands.

"It will be hosted by popular TV presenter Bob Holness, the songwriter and entertainer Richard Stilgoe and the conductor Antony Hopkins.

The success was based on many months of practice and in April 1994 the 40-strong choir was selected for the regional finals of the Sainsbury's Choir of the Year competition.

The headteacher said: "The children are very excited. It is prestigious just to be selected and we are very pleased."