A WOMAN, who lost her mother to emphysema, is championing June's 16 Cancers Stop Smoking Campaign and is asking smokers to make an attempt to kick the habit.

Cath McLennan, 54, from Morecambe lost her mother, Thelma Burrow in 2002 from smoking.

She said: "She was a heavy smoker and one day she was round at my house and I noticed she was struggling."

Mrs Burrows lived another five months, spending her last few weeks at home, where she peacefully passed away.

Ms McLennan added: “With the amount of information out there now about the dangers of smoking, I think it’s daft anyone would pick up a cigarette."

In Lancashire and South Cumbria, there were 20,117 hospital admissions, which were attributed to smoking, costing more than £31 million.

The campaign raises awareness for cancers such as oral cavity, stomach, and lung.