HRH Prince Edward will descend on Barrow next week for a royal grand tour.

The royal will be taken on a journey through the town’s industry and natural beauty to see what new innovations the Furness capital has to offer.

Starting off, The Earl of Wessex, the youngest of four children of Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip, will see the latest maritime advancements at BAE Systems before being shown around St Mary’s Hospice's Barrow site.

He will later conclude Thursday's tour on Walney to see the island’s nature reserve and the Oyster Farm.

Helen Wall, spokesperson for wildlife, heritage and culture, said: “It’s always great to hear Barrow will receive a royal visit.

“We are an isolated area, but Barrow and Walney’s industry has always been shown immense support and appreciation from the Royal Family.

“I remember Prince Edward attending a mystery night at the Furness Abbey many moons ago, so I think he’ll appreciate seeing what else makes Barrow tick.

“The town builds the country’s submarines, so it’ll be useful for him to see what technological advancements BAE Systems are working on, and give his royal seal of approval.

“But as well as our industry, I think it will be important for a royal member to see how beautiful and unique our area’s nature is too.”

Once Prince Edward arrives at South Walney Nature Reserve, he will be introduced to the new seal cameras, which allows staff to monitor animals without disturbance.

Mrs Wall added: “The nature reserve has seen plenty of new introductions, including the ‘seal cams’, which I’m confident Prince Edward will be intrigued by.

“The reserve has also introduced other initiatives for protection of wildlife, including two new hides for bird monitoring purposes.

“These new hides, which have been designed and built by local firm Art Gene, should definitely be on the royal visit agenda. Concluding the visit at the Oyster Farm will be fantastic for staff as it’s a fantastic enterprise, which shows the area’s creativity.”