Paul Tommo Thompson No thanks. I don’t want a second one

Paula Turnough I think we would just like a bridge and roads leading to it to be cone free for more than a week!

Ryan Aitken Let’s be honest still, the most we are going to get is a zip wire

Claire Shannahan Maybe the current bridge could be cars only so get rid of pavements to create an additional lane and build a bridge for pedestrians and bikes which would be cheaper as wouldn’t need to be quite as durable without heavier load of cars, buses and lorries

Lynn Morgan What about a ferry service

Shelley Bundy All this “New Bridge” talk has been going on since way back 10 years plus maybe. Within those years why haven’t they been putting any money away to go towards a bridge? If our bridge is that bad & people in high places shall we say knew this is what’s going to happen every 10 years & just patch up. This bridge will only stand so much patchwork on it before it all falls down. Should have been saving.

Gary Ballantyne Bridge over the bay to Morecambe would be better...

David Dalton There are already two crossings. This would be a third. The small footbridge when the tide is out