ANYONE who drives along the A590 on a regular basis will know how frustrating it is to be caught up in delays.

With one road in and one road out, barely a week seems to go by where there is not an incident somewhere along this 34-mile stretch of road.

Whether it’s traffic lights, utility companies, broken down vehicles or just plain old heavy traffic.

The reality for most people these days is that we all have to be somewhere - often against the clock.

Yet in our haste to get to where we’re going, we should remember to sympathise and show patience in the event of serious or fatal collisions.

Sadly, the accident rate has remained a regular fixture on the A590 despite the multi-million pound High Newton bypass. It is clear that the bypass was never going to be a cure-all for delays.

It’s the vulnerable sections of the network that now needs fresh focus from the authorities, although an engineering solution appears far from straight forward.

Cllr Matt Brereton suggests that more needs to be done to protect the rural roads off the A590 which are hammered whenever there is an accident.

He is right that Highways England should consider contributing to the extra wear and tear on these “rat runs”.Perhaps getting stuck in traffic occasionally is the price we have to pay for living in this corner of the country.