The man behind one of Cumbria’s latest pop-up bars is placing his bets on the growing enthusiasm for rum.

Dan Niblo, from Ulverston, says there is a growing thirst for the increasing variety of independent rums produced both in the UK and abroad.

He combines his day job working in forestry with selling rum, rum-based cocktails and other drinks from converted horsebox the Red Rum Trailer Bar.

He hopes the bar - which he operates at festivals and outdoors events - will provide something new in a world where there are already plenty of travelling gin and beer bars.

“Rum is getting more and more popular,” said Dan.

As well as being used as a mixer and base for cocktails, he said rum was becoming more popular as a complex drink to savour in its own right, similar to whisky.

The around 30 different rums on offer at the Red Rum Trailer Bar include tipples such as the daunting 64 per cent overproof Pineapple Grenade produced in Guyana.

However, Dan said the choice of British distilled rums was increasing, as well as those distilled overseas but infused with flavour in the UK.

British brands include those made by Solway Spirits, just over the border from Cumbria in Dumfries and Galloway, and Belgrove Rum made by the Cartmel Spirit Company.

“It’s always been my dream to own a bar and now I do, it just happens to be in a horsebox,” said Dan.

“A long term plan of mine is to start distilling my own rum, that’s something I would definitely like to do in the future.”

When he is not running the bar or working in the woods, Dan also runs vegan cupcake business Ethicake.