Natalie Mcgruddy The spaces for disabled aren’t very big definitely not user friendly

Rae Simpson I find this annoying as well however our car seat is also a baby carrier which we commonly remove when going shopping as it clips directly onto our pram chassis and fits onto a shopping trolley! So just missing a car seat doesn't necessarily mean that the spaces are all being misused. Im also not saying that theyre all guilt free just worth thinking about!

Roselynne Drew Crowe Pretty common sight in car parks around the area not just this one, sadly!

Greg Rose Happens everywhere it's not a new thing, its down to ignorance.

Joanne Birkett Think the lady who wrote in should maybe think about the chance that they were babies? We would always take the seat out of the car and put it in the trolley with my little boy inside.

Joanne Fleming Since when did you have to have a car seat in the car to qualify you to use the parent and child parking places? ... I have three children all of which are past the age of needing car seats but having the extra space around the car means that there is little chance of other cars around you getting knocked when multiple children are climbing in and out of cars. I have always assumed that as long as you have a child or children in the car then the spaces were for you to use if available and did not require them to be of the age when they had to use a car seat....Is this not the case?

Lisa Luisi Oh how on earth did we survive before child parking spaces? It's a wonder my kids ever managed.

Mark Greenhow What did people do before there were even cars? nobody talks about that anymore do they. short memories comes to mind.

Shauna Rae Dawson But not all children under 12 need child seats?? How can you be sure they didn’t have children with them.

Ellen Williams It happens at all supermarkets! It’s very frustrating.

Elaine Hird-Kayes There is worse things in life.